How to fall in love with Cusco

The end of May has arrived, and my unforgettable Argentinian experience has come to an end. But before going back to Italy, I still have a few places to tick off from my endless South American bucket list - I definitely need to come back here soon! 🙂  I am starting from the archaeological capital of the... Continue Reading →


A practical guide to Argentina

This post is a brief guide that will help you with practicalities when on your Year Abroad or travelling in Argentina. Argentinians are lovely and super friendly, especially around Buenos Aires. Here they share many cultural aspects with Italians, due to the massive Italian immigration wave Argentina experienced during the second half of the 19th... Continue Reading →

My 10 favourite things to do in Salta

As you probably already know I am spending my Year Abroad in Salta, a city at the foothills of the Andes Cordillera. Here, right next to some of the first peaks of the Andes, it's a totally different world compared to Buenos Aires, which has a huge European influence. Salta la Linda, as people call it, is... Continue Reading →

Cochabamba, an unexpected Easter surprise

Cochabamba, the city of the eternal spring, is not a common destination for travellers in Bolivia. The valley is the main agricultural heart of the country for its climate, while Chapare, in the northern part of the Cochabamba district, is the illegal hub of coca plants cultivation - this practice is only allowed in certain... Continue Reading →

Mother nature at its best: visiting IguazĂş Falls

As travellers, we are always looking for intact places, the ones locals go to, “secrets” that our beloved Lonely Planet has yet to discover. Nevertheless, there’s a list of places everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Sometimes, must-see attractions take over, and there is no time for hesitation: you have to go there,... Continue Reading →

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