Chinese days

Beijing, 16.08.2016

I am getting every day more excited at the idea that in October I am going to start a completely new adventure in Salta, Argentina.

Normally, when people hear that I will be going to spend my Year Abroad there, they have two reactions: on one hand, some people look a bit confused, because they don’t have a clue of where this place is; on the other hand, some tell me that it’s one of the most beautiful places they have ever seen.

I was in that first group of people when I first heard about the opportunity of doing this Internship – I am going to explain what my role will be in another post.

If you have never heard about this place before, Salta is a city in the north-west of Argentina, one of the most beautiful and well preserved colonial cities, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Apparently the city is home to some of the best empanadas of the whole country, and hosts traditional colourful handicrafts markets, in a land where Indigenous communities still live. If my words, as I assume, don’t do justice to the city, I found this short video that will show you around the provinces of Salta and Jujuy!

During my exchange in Sydney I met many people from different parts of Argentina, and all of them told me very good things about this city. Although they warned me that it has a very different lifestyle and culture compared to the capital Buenos Aires, more similar to European cities and the most famous destinations for expats, Salta is said to be a wonderful city.

Salta not being the usual destination for a year abroad is one of the key factors of the choice I made, an aspect that excites me more than anything else. Not being in the capital can be the chance of having a real insight of the Argentinian culture, where hopefully I’ll be able to finally see with my own eyes what I have been studying for the last two years in the Latin American Studies’ modules.

Through my internship role I hope to broaden my knowledge of Argentina, analysing the different faces of this country by exploring the area and getting in touch with the locals.

Once in Salta, I will start working on my dissertation – which is going to be Argentina-related – in order to access directly data and specific material, and hopefully I will sign up for a Mandarin course, in order not to loose what I managed to learn until now.

I hope that this year abroad in Argentina will enrich me as a human being and as a student, along with improving my knowledge of the language and my career prospects before going back to England for my final year of university and entering the working world.

I am very grateful for the experiences I have been able to live during this year and for the upcoming one. This has been the best year of my life so far, being able to study and travel in Australia and Asia has been truly amazing, and I am now ready to go back, in two weeks, to the country I am lucky enough to call “home”, Italy.

September is going to be fully dedicated to my family and friends. I will refuel myself with Italian delicacies before packing again, but most importantly I will also start merging myself into the “Argentinian mood” by watching related movies, understanding its history and political situation- which has recently started a new era with the election of Mauricio Macri, leader of the centre-right party ‘Propuesta Republicana’-, researching about the best places to go to, especially around Salta, and listening to a lot of Argentinian music!


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