Escaping selfie sticks in Panjiayuan Market

Beijing 17.08.16

Do you want to spend the weekend in Beijing because you don’t have enough money for a trip or just because you have too many characters to learn but still want to go somewhere in the city without fighting against a crowd of sweaty Chinese tourists?

Panjiayuan Market can be a  good alternative destination! 

It’s open every day but it’s bigger and more animated on the weekend.

Panjiayuan is definitely the best place to buy typical Chinese items from antiques to calligraphy sets, but also paintings, shadow puppets and Cultural Revolution memorabilia like little red books and posters, just to name a few! Even if you don’t want to buy anything, this place is still worth a visit while you are in Beijing. 


Strangely enough, there are not many tourist around and it’s one of the places of the capital that still preserves a very local Chinese atmosphere. It was fascinating to see all these stalls vendors talking to each other, eating their dumplings for lunch, sleeping while waiting for a buyer, showing the purity of a piece of jade and making the popular Buddhist prayer beads.

Needless to say, if you find the perfect article, don’t be afraid of bargaining hard!


How to get to Panjiayuan Market

Subway: Line 10 to Panjiayuan

Exit B, then walk west for 250 m and you will find the entrance on the left.


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