As all the other students spending a year abroad, I have been asked by Nottingham Trent University to write a blog about it.
I really like the idea of sharing my experience and being able to help, motivate and inspire people through my words.

I’d like this blog to be a sort of platform that can help students like me, when in need of clarifications and info about the most basic and practical things. Such things, although some could seem very ordinary, can also be extremely helpful when moving or planning to move to one of the countries I’ll be talking about. These countries are, at the moment, China, Australia, and Argentina. Please do comment below my posts to ask, agree and also disagree with me, and feel free to email me if you have specific questions, I am more than happy to help just like other students have helped me in the past.

This is just the starting point of what I would also like to be a public travel diary, in which I will share my emotions and thoughts about the places I visit. I hope that through my words I will be able to describe you these countries, each one of them with their unique characteristics.


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