The dark page of Argentina’s history

If you visit Argentina, you will probably know about the darkest page of this country’s recent history, the military regime of the ‘70s. To discover what happened during those years, the ex-ESMA (Escuela Mecánica de la Armada), now called Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos, is the perfect place to visit. It’s somewhere Argentinians tend not... Continue Reading →


The mountain that eats men

The journey continued, as the day after we passed the border at La Quiaca into the Bolivian town of Villazón. It felt immediately like being in another country, especially for the cholitas, women wearing traditional dresses, a growing grass-root movement against the Spanish imposed European fashion (if interested you can read this article). When walked into... Continue Reading →

On my way to Bolivia

‘In the time of our old ancestors a powerful and prosperous tribe of Indians lived on one side of the valley , and on the opposite mountain slopes an equally strong and well-organised tribe had settled. At first these two tribes were the best of neighbours and traded honestly and freely, but, as time went... Continue Reading →

A new chapter

Once again on a plane! This time heading to the North-West of Argentina, to a city called Salta just beneath the Andes cordillera, where I will be doing an internship with an NGO that deals with young disadvantaged students. Salta is also the name of the province which is not to far from the Bolivian... Continue Reading →

A first taste of Argentina

After an epic trip to Buenos Aires, nearly 40 hours journey, I finally got to Argentina! I made friends with Exequiel, a very funny Argentinian guy who definitely made my journey lighter and explained to me many things about Buenos Aires and places I should visit once there. As soon as I landed people were... Continue Reading →

Chinese days

Beijing, 16.08.2016 I am getting every day more excited at the idea that in October I am going to start a completely new adventure in Salta, Argentina. Normally, when people hear that I will be going to spend my Year Abroad there, they have two reactions: on one hand, some people look a bit confused,... Continue Reading →

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